Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Doing Good Digital believes very strongly in keeping your personal information confidential.  The following policy describes what information we collect and how it is used and shared.

*Information Collected

Doing Good Digital collects as little information as possible from users looking to post comments and messages in the forum.  We will typically collect a name (either real or alias), personal website, and e-mail address.

*Cookies / IP Address tracking

Doing Good Digital uses cookies to uniquely identify users for the purpose of log files, posting comments, and voting on the site.  No personal information is stored in these cookies and it simply a way to identify your computer.

*With Whom Information is Shared

Doing Good Digital may use your e-mail address in the future to contact you regarding the site, however, an opt-out will always be provided.  Your name and website may be displayed on the site if you post a comment or a message in the forum.  However, your e-mail address and privacy will always be kept secure.

*Affiliate Links
This site also uses affiliate links. If you click on something, we sometimes earn a small commission from the sale, and we never endorse anything we do not love.