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What You Need To Know About The Next Generation of Luminate Online

luminate next genBlackbaud is committed to powering social good and continues to rollout new Luminate Online features. With Luminate Next Gen, the goal is to create a new digital marketing platform with dramatic improvements in workflow and user experience. We discuss our favorite updates of 2017 and what is new to come in the future.


PAST Luminate Online Updates You Should Be Using:



The first phase of updates focused on improving how non-profits can access and manage their data. This makes it easier to digest the data and visually see reports, pie charts, and scorecards on a single screen instead of downloaded excel files. To improve functionality, Next Gen has created reporting dashboards for:

  • High level revenue and house file information
  • TeamRaiser performance indicators for tracking the success of your event
  • Advocacy Action Alert results broken down by useful segments like donor, channel, location, and source



In Luminate Beta, you have more choices to help narrow down data, set filters, and share information. You can now save those filters as a dashboard view and schedule dashboard emails. If you want a specific dashboard view to be sent to you on a regular basis, schedule it to be sent to your email inbox. It can be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.

For example, you can save one view for 2017 and another for 2016 on the Overview dashboard and easily switch between the two. You can save views on any dashboard and download to print or share. You can filter for a certain campaign or message on the Email dashboard and download the dashboard results to print or send as an email attachment.

The TeamRaiser dashboard with the Primary Event Type and Event Status filters allow you to be more concise in what you choose to display. The Primary Event Type filter includes values that are used when setting the Primary Event Type in a TeamRaiser event. The Event Status filter includes standard values as selected in the Status of the TeamRaiser event.



Lists is a powerful tool that helps you identify and target your supporters. With Lists, you can focus on a specific audience by creating a list and applying a variety of filters to manage a group of constituents.

Go to lists, enter the details and use filters to narrow down constituents in your lists. The filters consist of constituent basics, giving, location, email and social, wealth, and location which allow you to really narrow down specifics.

Some of our favorite ways to filter in lists include:

  • Create a list to send an automated email to constituents celebrating a birthday each day from the Birthday filter in Constituent Basics
  • Want to reach out to newly added constituents? Use the Record created filter to engage constituents whose records were created during a specific time period
  • Find social ambassadors of your mission using social tags generated from’s Influencer types generated by sending constituent email addresses and associated Constituent IDs from Luminate Online. Filtering by these contacts and reaching out to them ensures that even more people will hear about and get to know your cause


FUTURE Luminate Updates To Look For:



With responsive, drag and drop features 2018 email enhancements focus on workflow design and automation. There are four main areas Blackbaud is looking to improve over the next year:

  • Marketing automation
  • Deliverability
  • Optimizing Outcomes
  • Personalization

These improvements will not only help you target your constituents in email campaigns, but improve your workflow within the organization.



With updates like MobilePay that allows you to swipe cards for donations, registrations, and facilitate day-of-event fundraising with iOS and Android capabilities, there is sure to be more to make fundraising even more accessible to your supporters.

Blackbaud Checkout is sure to give your supporters a new experience. Give donors a simpler and responsive checkout experience with new payment options, such as Apple Pay, Masterpass, and Visa Checkout.

Blackbaud plans to do more with online donation forms throughout the year to continue to enhance the donor experience.



The new Facebook integration will create a seamless way to manage, process, and record Facebook donation in TeamRaiser, read more about it in our post about Teamraiser and Facebook Integration.

“Create Fundraiser on Facebook” with one click after registration. Facebook fundraiser is created, that syncs with TeamRaiser campaign. Facebook “native” actions have better reach & engagement. The thermometer will update in both fundraising pages.

The donation will be completed on Facebook but TeamRaiser remains the backend to process the donation. Whatever payment processing vendor is set up in TeamRaiser will be used to process the donations.

Over the next year, Blackbaud will continue to make improvements to Luminate Online that will be sure to help your organization work smarter, connect with your constituents on a deeper level, and raise crucial funds for your mission. These tools will work together to help you do more good.

If you have any questions about Luminate Beta, please contact us and we would be happy to help!


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